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SABS 1431:1987 Steels
SABS 1431:1987 Steels
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SABS 1431:1987 Steels  
SABS 1431:1987 Steels  

SABS 1431 Technical Data

These ranges of steel grades are intended for structural work where no significant forming or bending has to be done.The steel grade selected should be in accordance with its strength requirements as indicated in Table 3. 

The following steel grades to SABS 1431:1987 are produced.

-    Grade 240 WA        240 WC        240 WDD*
-    Grade 300 WA        300 WC        300 WDD*
-    Grade 350 WA        350 WC        350 WDD*
* Available only as plate mill products.

As can be seen from Table 3, the mechanical strength properties are the same throughout a grade range but the impact test requirements differ according to the prescribed test temperatures as indicated by the suffix per grade designation.  An average impact energy value of 27 J must be achieved on full size specimens in the longitudinal direction in all applicable cases.

Steel for all grades to SABS 1431 is normally made as silicon killed steel and is also aluminium treated as standard practice to ensure a fine grain structure. The supply conditions pertaining to each steel grade are shown in Table 1.

Sheet applies for products less than 4.5 mm  thick, whereas plate refers to products of 4.5 mm and thicker.  Different dimensional tolerances apply to sheet and plate.

Products up to and including 13 mm thick and up to and including 1850 mm wide (when side trimmed) are normally produced on a hot strip mill.

Table 1 gives the values as specified in Table 2 of SABS 1431, 1987 (as amended).  The limits are set very wide offering the steelmaker maximum scope to apply his manufacturing techniques to obtain the specified mechanical properties in the final products.

When agreed at the time of ordering, plates of SABS 1431 steel grades can be supplied to the following maximum carbon equivalent (CE) values:

240WA,    WC & WDD    =    0.38%
300WA,    WC & WDD    =    0.45%
350WA,    WC & WDD    =    0.43%

TABLE 1 - Chemical composition % (ladle analysis) as specified in SABS 1431, 1987 
- Table 2 (as amended)

Maximum chemical composition1)
GradeCMnSiPSNbVNb + VAlCu1)Ni2)Cr2)Mo2)Normal supply conditions
240WA0.221.600.500.0400.0500. rolled
240WC0.221.600.500.0400.0500. rolled
300WA0.221.600.500.0400.0500. rolled
300WC0.221.600.500.0400.0500. rolled
350WA0.221.600.500.0400.0400. rolled
350WC0.221.600.500.0400.0400. rolled < 16 mm thick  
> 16mm

Plates may be ordered with 0.20 / 0.35% copper for improved atmospheric corrosion resistance.

Trace elements only.

Can be supplied controlled rolled.


TABLE 2 - Typical chemical composition 

Chemical composition
  1. C usually is 0.02% lower on all hot strip mill products.

    Mn Usually is 0.30% lower on all hot strip mill products.

    For applications where toughness or through thickness strength is important, the plates may be ordered as per appendix A of  SABS 1431 to the following stricter sulphur contents : - Clause 0.11:S = 0.025% max - Clause 0.12:S = 0.012% max - Clause   0.13:S = 0.005% max

  2. Substantially lower Si contents may be used.

The SABS 1431 range of structural steel grades is readily weldable by means of the usual metal-arc processes.  When welding thick plates, reference should be made to BS 5135:1984 "Specification for arc welding of carbon manganese steels"  Carbon equivalent (CE) values should be calculated from the values of the chemical composition indicated on the test certificates for the plates concerned.  The formula to be used is:CE = C + Mn + Cu + Ni + Mo + V + Cr
                   6            5                  15
Plates may be ordered ultrasonically tested to any grade of BS 5996, as outlined in SABS 1431 Appendix B-2:014 (16 - 80mm)
If agreed at the time of ordering, the material may be subjected to a bend test as detailed in SABS 1431 paragraph 6.5.5.CERTIFICATION
All plates are supplied with analysis and test certificates.TOLERANCES
Plate are supplied with dimensional tolerances according to BS EN 10051:1992

TABLE 3 - Mechanical properties as specified in SABS 1431 - 1987:  Table 5 

Min yield strength (MPa) for thickness t (mm)Elongation % (min) on gauge length ofCharpy V-notch impact test
3<t<1616<t<4040<t<6363<t<8050 mm200 mm5.65 SoAvrage 
resistance J (min)Test 

We mainly stock the Plates of following make : 

Azovstal Iron & Steel - Ukraine
Alchevsk Iron & Steel - Ukraine
Ilyich Iron & Steel - Ukraine 
ArcelorMittal Steel - Romania
ArcelorMittal Steel - South Africa
Macsteel - South Africa
Thainox Steel - Taiwan
Iscor - South Africa
Salzgitter Mannesmann - Germany
ThyssenKrupp Steel - Germany
ThyssenKrupp Stahl - Germany
Dillinger Hutte - Germany
Rautaruukki - Finland
Voestalphine Grobblech - Austria
Corus - U.K
Posco - Korea
InduSteel - France
InduSteel - Belgium
SSAB - Sweden
Kobe Steel - Japan
JFE Steel - Japan
Japan Steel - Japan 
Nippon Steel - Japan
Severstal - Russia
SAIL - India
Jindal Steel - India
TATA Steel - India

Inspection & Approval Certificates : EN10204 3.1 / DIN 50049 3.1 / ISO 10474 3.1 Mill Test Certificate, NACE MR-0175 / ISO 15156, NACE MR-01-03 / NACE MR-01-75 / ISO 15156, CE Marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive PED-97/23/EC, AD-2000-W0, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Sec.II Part A Ed. 2008, with 3.2 certificate duly Certified & Approved by LRS (Lloyd's Register), GL (Germanischer Lloyd), BV (Bureau Veritas), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), SGS, TUV, RINA, IRS (Indian Register of Shipping), Class NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai), KR (Korean Register of Shipping), NORSOK Approved Standard M-630, M-650 Rev.3

If you have any requirement of above items, please feel free to contact us

SABS 1431:1987 Steels


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